iVocabulary is your personal knowledge trainer for your vocabulary, biological, medical or legal terms for school or university, or whatever you like.

With iVocabulary on your Mac you collect your vocabulary on your desktop Mac and upload them to iVocabulary on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to take them with you.

  • Organize your vocabulary in vocabulary books, chapters and lessons.
  • All devices are kept in synch via iCloud.
  • Record audio and add an image to your vocabulary.
  • Train your vocabulary with learning cards, multiple choice or written tests.
  • See your learning results in a pie chart and your learning progress in a bar chart.

You can try iVocabulary3 on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for free! The free version is limited to 30 words, but you can unlock the unlimited version from inside the app.

iPhone, iPad & iPod touch:


Great app for Vocab study – This is the BEST app I have used for vocab study or for any other subject when you want a flash card type of set up. It will take some time to learn all the ways you can set it up for review and testing, but that only shows that there is a lot of flexibility available. It is well worth the trouble it takes to fully understand the workings of this app and it’s associated computer software. Micahmcreid Life saver – This app has been beyond wonderful. It has all of the Greek and Hebrew vocab available, and I threw away about 1,000 index cards! Michael Pearson’s Logos

First Steps


iVocabulary doesn’t contain any vocabulary when you launch the app the first time.

To get started, you need to add vocabulary books to iVocabulary. You do so by tapping the + icon on your iPhone or iPad or by clicking the “Create new Document” button on your Mac.

There are three options for vocabulary sources: download a book (created by other users), create your own vocabulary book or import existing books.



In iVocabulary you can organize your vocabulary in lessons and chapters.

A lesson is like a page in a vocabulary book and contains the words. A lesson can contain lots of words. The amount of words is also shown for each lesson and chapter.

A chapter is a collection of lessons and can be identified by the folder icon.

Lessons can be selected to be learned by tapping the checkbox on the right hand side. Tapping the same area on a chapter toggles the selection of all lessons in that chapter.

Training Modes


Train your vocabulary using different training modes. iVocabulary provides three types of training modes:

  • Learn cards
  • Multiple choice
  • Written test

Create your own training modes that fit on your training system. iVocabulary provides many parameters you can use to fine tune the training modes to your needs and wishes.

Transparent Learning Progress


iVocabulary provides direct feedback after each training via a pie chart.

You can monitor your learning progress with bar charts showing your latest trainings, the last days, weeks or even months.

Web Interface

Since iVocabulary is only available for the Mac, there is a simple vocabulary editor that works in your browser. To use it, you need to activate WiFi availability in the global settings and then enter the specified address your browser.